Argentina's President Mauricio Macri faces new strikes against his government's adjustment plans

Buenos Aires (AFP) - Argentina’s top union federation warned Tuesday that it would strike against President Mauricio Macri and his adjustment deal with the International Monetary Fund.

The strike will be launched on June 25, according to union leader Hector Daer.

“We are going to carry out a pressure move, for 24 hours, and for now without mass street demonstrations,” Daer told reporters.

“The situation for the vulnerable, workers, retirees and those who are out of work, is increasingly alarming.”

It would be the third strike against Macri since the conservative took office in December 2015.

The economy has been sluggish, with markets skittish and concerns about inflation that some forecasts say could soar 30 percent this year.

Government workers, teachers and truckers unions also plan to participate in the strike.