White House economics adviser Larry Kudlow, seen here in a file photo from April, was released Wednesday from the hospital, two days after suffering a 'mild' heart attack

Washington (AFP) - President Donald Trump’s chief economics adviser Larry Kudlow was discharged from the hospital Wednesday and is doing “very well,” two days after suffering a heart attack, the White House said.

Presidential spokeswoman Sarah Sanders quoted doctors at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center as saying that “Larry’s recovery is going very well.”

She said the president was looking forward to “seeing him back to work soon.”

Trump himself had announced his aide’s heart attack on Twitter, shortly before his summit meeting in Singapore with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

The White House has described the cardiac event as “very mild.”

Kudlow, who is 70, took part late last week in the G7 summit in Canada, which ended in chaos when Trump tweeted an attack on the host country as he was leaving for Singapore and withdrew support for a joint communique agreed only hours earlier.

Appearing on television on Sunday, Kudlow had defended Trump’s stunning reversal, saying Trudeau had “stabbed us in the back” by complaining after Trump’s departure about US steel and aluminum tariffs.

Kudlow has long been a prominent conservative commentator on economic issues.

He was named to head the president’s National Economic Council in April, a month after his predecessor in the job, Gary Cohn, quit in protest over Trump’s decision to go ahead with the tariffs on imported steel and aluminum.

Kudlow, who was White House budget director under President Ronald Reagan, is a fervent defender of so-called supply-side economics – the theory that growth is best stimulated by lowering taxes and reducing regulation – an approach embraced by Trump.