Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin celebrates after winning the Stanley Cup

Washington (AFP) - Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin, after six days of epic partying in celebration of his team’s Stanley Cup win, has shaved off his unruly playoff beard.

“SOMEONE SHAVED!!!” tweeted the Washington Capitals official account on Wednesday, featuring a picture of the newly clean-shaven Russian captain.

Since their victory, Ovechkin and his teammates have been partying nonstop, lugging the Cup around town and drinking out of it in various bars and restaurants – with posts on social media chronicling the festivities.

Several players were even spotted splashing – and drinking – in a public fountain with their shirts off in the upscale Georgetown neighborhood.

The team capped off the celebrations with a parade in downtown Washington on Tuesday attended by tens of thousands of jubilant red-clad fans.

Ovechkin and his bushy brown beard have been at the forefront of the beer-soaked Stanley Cup partying and fans reacted Wednesday to his grooming.

“He was finally sober enough to handle a razor. Well done @ovi8!” joked one Twitter user.

Another Capitals fan had another theory.

“He didn’t shave… He just wore the beard off rubbing his face against the Cup so much,” the fan tweeted.